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The Chandler Family  Association

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Welcome. The Chandler Family Association is dedicated to increasing knowledge of the heritage and genealogy of Chandlers and Chandler descendants worldwide. We invite you to browse our website and contact us with your questions and comments.

We have over 700 members in 49 U.S. states plus Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Botswana, Barbados, New Zealand, and South Africa. Anyone with an interest in Chandler matters anywhere, any time, is welcome to join us. Membership details can be found on the Membership page.

We are particularly interested in making contact with Chandlers who live in England or who have traced their ancestors to England, because England is the ancestral home of almost all Chandlers in the world, at least as far back as the 13th Century when hereditary surnames first came into use in the general population. Please see how we can help you with your Chandler research.

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Chandler DNA Project
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Chandler Research in the UK
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Genetic Chandler Families
Lineages Database (CFALD)

The association has an award-winning newsletter, published three times annually, and our website was recently awarded a "Highly Commended" designation by the Federation of Family History Societies. The CFA Genealogy Panel is of great help to members and others researching their family trees. The Panel's work is supported by the CFA Lineages Database as well as records from the Chandler One-Name Study.

The CFA co-sponsors the very successful Chandler DNA Project, which has so far identified more than 80 genetically-distinct Chandler families. This website contains the stories of some of those genetic Chandler families, with more to be added. These stories are very interesting reading and may be of substantial help to researchers.

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Autumn 2014 Newsletter
The printed copies of the Autumn 2014 CFA Newsletter were mailed on November 19. The newsletter was sent to those members on the email list on November 12. Contact Claudia at if you have any problem with newsletter delivery.

American Air Museum in Britain
An interactive archive of images and information
The American Air Museum website is dedicated to recording the stories of the men and women of the US Army Air Forces (USAAF) who found themselves serving their country from the UK during the Second World War. At its peak strength in 1944, the USAAF employed 450,000 Americans in Britain. Most of us will immediately think of fighter pilots or bomber crews, but the majority of USAAF’s men and women were engaged on a much wider range of tasks, all of which were necessary to keep the aircraft flying. Nearly 30,000 never made it home. The site, which has just been launched by the Imperial War Museum, needs help to tell the stories, both of the members of the USAAF who served in the UK during the Second World War and of the memories of British people who befriended them.

Calling U.K. Chandlers
England is the homeland of almost all Chandler families, and the CFA would like to investigate ancestral connections with Chandlers living there. As part of an effort to make contact with Chandlers in the United Kingdom, the CFA will do a mail-out this summer to 500 Chandlers in England, who probably have cousins all over the world.  To provide the best information about Chandler genealogy and the CFA to our English cousins, we are posting the Summer 2014 CFA Newsletter on this website as a complimentary download. Other visitors to our website may also take advantage of the opportunity to read this Special Expanded Issue of the newsletter. Download the 2014 Summer Newsletter.

2014 Annual Meeting - Dunwoody, Georgia
September 12 and 13

Click on the group photo above to see a much larger image. See more photos on the Meetings page and view a slideshow on our Shutterfly site with even more photos.

Dues Reminder for CFA Members
CFA members, please remember that your dues ($20 annually) are payable as of September 1 each year. If you joined the CFA during the months of October – December of 2013, or anytime in 2014, you do not need to renew your membership until September of 2015. If you are unsure of the status of your membership, please contact Helen at 901-355-5614 or . Go to the
Membership page for information on paying by mail or with PayPal.

Edmund Chandler Family Association merges with CFA
A warm CFA welcome to the members of the Edmund Chandler Family Association who have agreed to merge with the Chandler Family Association. The Edmund Chandler Family (genetic Chandler family 13) will become the second family chapter in the CFA and will be known within the association as the Edmund Chandler Family, Chapter 13. Members of genetic Chandler family 13 are believed to be descendants of Edmund Chandler, who was a member of the Pilgrim group that arrived on the Mayflower, although he arrived later, c. 1630. He was a resident of Duxbury, Massachusetts, where he was a freeman and the town constable, which is the equivalent of the chief executive officer. He acquired large tracts of land which included land in Duxbury, Dartmouth and Taunton, Massachusetts. Read more about Edmund Chandler and this family.

Request a CFA Newsletter
If you are or know of a prospective member of The Chandler Family Association who would like to receive a complimentary issue of our Newsletter, contact Claudia at .Claudia Brocato at Chandler Family Association dot org

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You can stay up to date on CFA plans and news by signing up to be notified of changes to this page. In order to do that, just enter your email address under "Be notified of page updates" in the lefthand column. You will then occasionally receive an automated email that will let you know edits or updates have been made to this page, and you may choose to check in to see what's going on - or not.

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