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The Chandler Family  Association

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Welcome. The Chandler Family Association is dedicated to increasing knowledge of the heritage and genealogy of Chandlers and Chandler descendants worldwide. We invite you to browse our website and contact us with your questions and comments.

We have almost 700 members in 48 U.S. states plus Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Botswana, Barbados, New Zealand, and South Africa. Anyone with an interest in Chandler matters anywhere, any time, is welcome to join us. Membership details can be found on the Membership page.

We are particularly interested in making contact with Chandlers who live in England or who have traced their ancestors to England, because England is the ancestral home of almost all Chandlers in the world, at least as far back as the 13th Century when hereditary surnames first came into use in the general population. Please see how we can help you with your Chandler research.

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Chandler DNA Project
Chandler Name
Chandler Research in the UK
Chapters (new in 2014)
Genealogy Panel
Genetic Chandler Families
Lineages Database (CFALD)

The association has an award-winning newsletter, published three times annually, and our website was recently awarded a "Highly Commended" designation by the Federation of Family History Societies. The CFA Genealogy Panel is of great help to members and others researching their family trees. The Panel's work is supported by the CFA Lineages Database as well as records from the Chandler One-Name Study.

The CFA co-sponsors the very successful Chandler DNA Project, which has so far identified 100 genetically-distinct Chandler families. This website contains the stories of some of those genetic Chandler families, with more to be added. These stories are very interesting reading and may be of substantial help to researchers.

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Mark Your Calendar!
The 2016 CFA Annual Meeting will be September 9 and 10 in Greenville, South Carolina. We will provide more details soon.

New Chapter 7A JRR-Joseph brings total chapters to 5!
We now have five CFA chapters! The newest one, Chapter 7A JRR-Joseph, was authorized at the Executive Committee meeting in Louisville.

The first CFA chapter was Chapter 3 (descendants of Richard Chandler born 1751), and the second, Chapter 13, was formed when the Edmund Chandler Family Association, merged with the CFA.

The formation of Chapter 18, our third chapter, was announced in the summer newsletter. The Group 18 family, historically located in southeast England, lists six England-born Chandler ancestors.

Chapter 8, which is just getting started, lists two earliest ancestors: Robert Chawner born 1590 in Leicestershire, England, and Robert Chandler born 1775 in North Carolina, USA.

Our newest chapter will focus on a sub-group of 7A. JRR-Joseph is a shorthand way of referring to John Chandler born 1600 in England, his son and grandson, both named Robert and born in Virginia, and his great-grandson Joseph, born 1695 Virginia. CFA Vice President Glenn Chandler will serve as research director of Chapter 7A JRR-Joseph.

Looking for descendants of Zebedee Chandler born c 1711
CFA Chapter 13, descendants of Edmund Chandler of Duxbury, Massachusetts, has a standing offer to provide a free Y-DNA test for a male line descendant of Zebedee Chandler of Plympton, Massachusetts. Zebedee Chandler was born c 1711. Learn more about Chapter 13, descendants of Edmund Chandler here.

UK Tour

The CFA UK Tour is now closed. We have 35 participants who are looking forward to spending time in England in May. Read more about the UK Tour.

The Chandlery
Have you visited The Chandlery section of our website lately? We have a new 25th Anniversary travel mug available for purchase, plus reduced prices on some items! The 25th Anniversary travel mug was produced in a limited quantity and was a gift to each CFA member attending the 25th anniversary meeting. The remaining mugs are available for purchase for only $4 each, including USA shipping. Once these are gone, there will never be more 25th anniversary mugs. Visit the Merchandise page and the Publications page to see CFA items available for purchase.

History and Variations of the Chandler Name
How much do you know about the Chandler name? The Chandler Name traces the history of the surname and lists spelling variations encountered in historic documents. Read more.

Request a CFA Newsletter
If you are or know of a prospective member of The Chandler Family Association who would like to receive a complimentary issue of our Newsletter, contact Claudia at .

Want to stay "in the know"?
You can stay up to date on CFA plans and news by signing up to be notified of changes to this page. In order to do that, just enter your email address under "Be notified of page updates" in the lefthand column. You will then occasionally receive an automated email that will let you know edits or updates have been made to this page, and you may choose to check in to see what's going on - or not.

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