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The Chandler Family Association Lineages Database

Place Names within CFALD are recorded at four levels - the place, the county, the state and the country.  CFALD reports can contain up to three place names per individual - places of birth, marriage and death together with relevant dates.  The most readable report presentation is when each person's details are contained on one line.  In most cases we are able to achieve that, by abbreviating the state and country (levels 3 and 4) using standard codes.

The links below will be helpful to those reading CFALD reports and can also be used in conjunction with the CFALD Data Entry Standards when you are preparing information to be submitted to CFALD.

Please alert Claudia if any of the links below stop working. Claudia's email: Claudia Brocato at Chandler Family Association dot org

Place Name Abbreviations - Helpful Links

To identify the correct county for a place in the US, use

To identify counties within states in the US, use

To identify 2-character state codes in the US, use

To identify 2-character province codes for Canada, use

To identify 3-character Chapman codes for British counties, use

To identify 2- or 3-character Australian state codes, use (use “Postal” column)

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