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Chandler Memories Page 14

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photo of John William Chandler Family

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Solomon Chandler of Louisiana - Descendants
William L. Chandler b 1836 in 1903 Confederate Veterans photo

Solomon Chandler of Louisiana - Descendants
Josephine Chandler Rich, at top right, was born in Louisiana, on June 14, 1855. She was the daughter of Solomon Chandler, born 1830 also in Louisiana. In the larger photo, Josephine's daughter, Mary Alabama Rich Cargill, is surrounded by five of her daughters. With her back to the camera is Velma Ernestine Rich Cargill, shown also at bottom right. Also in the larger photo are Josie Lee Cargill, Clara Viola Cargill, Vida Eloise Cargill, and Wille Mae Cargill. The gentlemen with their heads cut off are husbands of the daughters. Missing from the photo are the rest of Mary's 10 children: Ada Alberta Cargill, Alonzo Cargill, Wallace Cargill, Donald Claude Cargill, and youngest daughter, Audis Cargill. Solomon Chandler's father was also Solomon Chandler. Information about the elder Solomon Chandler would be appreciated.

Photos from Debra Brocato

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Confederate Veterans Gather in 1903 in Springville, Alabama

CFA member Jon Paul Chandler (now deceased) sent the photo above and a scan of a four page Colonel John W. Inzer Newsletter, a publication of the Sons of Confederate Veterans of Asheville, Alabama, dated March 1987. The newsletter carried a reprint of a newspaper article about this 1903 gathering of Confederate veterans. The local newspaper, The Springville Item, reported in part:

On Monday August 17, 1903, one of the most unique and interesting reunions was held by the "Old Ex-Confederate Soldiers" in the Baptist Church at this place. * * * * At 11 o'clock some sixty of the old veterans, living in, and around Springville, assembled in that church, singing, praying, and reading of the scriptures was engaged in, after which short talks were made by Rev. J. S. E. Robinson, A. W. Woodall, S. W. Henny, J. B. Robertson, J. H. Vandergrift and B. B. Cornelius, after which another old time song, "How Firm A Foundation", and then Maj. Harris spoke at length on "Religion in the Camp". During his talk men were seen weeping all over the church. He spoke feelingly and eloquently. * * * *

Maj. Harris deserves the thanks of all our people for planning this gathering -- it was an object lesson that neither poets, nor painter, nor authors could describe; it simply beggers description. Springville never has, and never will witness such a scene again.

Although the newspaper writeup of the reunion makes no mention of Masons, Jon Paul describes it as a "gathering of Free Masons and Confederate Soldiers of Springville, Alabama made in 1903." Jon Paul says, "I only identified the first person on the right that is seated. He is my great grandfather William L. Chandler, born Jan 1, 1836, in Greenville, South Carolina and served in the Lousiana Caldwell Guards in 1861 for three months, then in the 42nd Alabama as an ambulance driver (pulled by team of mules) from 1862 until discharged and pardoned in North Carolina April, 1865."

Included in the article was a list of the veterans present, giving their company and regiment. That list is available from Claudia at . The men are listed randomly, the list is longer than the number of men in the photo, and there is no identification that relates names to the photograph.

Submitted by Jon Paul Chandler
July 25, 2009

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