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Chandler Memories Page 6

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photo of John William Chandler Family

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Louis Edmond Chandler, DNA Group 9
Russell and Faye Chandler, children of Louis Edmond Chandler
William Solomon Chandler family of Georgia

Louis Edmond Chandler, Chandler DNA Group 9
Louis Edmond Chandler is shown in both photos at right, one taken as a young man and the other at an older age. Louis was born 4 October 1877 in Algonquin, Illinois. In his later years he retired to the family farm in Garnett, Kansas. He died February 1975 in Garnett, Anderson, Kansas. These photos were provided by granddaughter Vicki Chandler Watson. Louis' children, Faye and Russell, are shown below with their mother. Louis' grandson, Russell Louis Chandler Jr., is a member of Chandler DNA Project Group 9, descendants of William Chandler who was born 1595 in Hertfordshire England and died in Roxbury, Massachusetts, in 1641.

Vicki Chandler Watson

May 24, 2011

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Faye Chandler and Russell Chandler with their Mother
Alta Faye Chandler, left, and Russell Louis Chandler, right, are the children of Eula Faye Hughes (center) and Louis Edmond Chandler (DNA Group 9). Eula Hughes Chandler (later Ehrenreich) and Louis Edmond Chandler were married February 14, 1916, and divorced March 17, 1934. Eula was born December 9, 1891, and died July 6, 1969, in Wickenburg, Arizona. Russell was born March 22, 1922, in Joplin, Missouri, and died August 24, 1999, in Phoenix, Arizona. Faye survives her mother and brother.

In addition to Vicki Chandler Watson, Russell was the father of four other children, including Russell Louis Chandler Jr., Sally Chandler, Nancy Chandler and Peggy Chandler-Gindt. Russell Louis Chandler Jr. is a member of Chandler DNA Project Group 9, descendants of William Chandler who was born 1595 in Hertfordshire England and died in Roxbury, Massachusetts, in 1641. The lineage is William Chandler > Thomas Chandler > Henry Chandler > Henry Chandler Jr. > John Chandler > Simeon Chandler > Simeon Chandler Jr. > Louis Levi Chandler > Louis Edmond Chandler > Russell Louis Chandler. Vicki and husband Charles are a married couple who are both Chandler descendants. See members of Charles' family immediately below.

Charles and Vicki Chandler Watson

February 3, 2011

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William Solomon Chandler Family, DNA Group 3
Back row, from left: Thelma Eukalee Chandler Passmore, Mary Lorene Chandler Damren, Minnie Frances Chandler, Nellie Elizabeth Stringer. Middle row (adults): Thomas Louis Passmore, William Solomon Chandler, Stella Chandler Stringer, Joseph Damren, Pauline (Crozier) Chandler, Richard Alvin Chandler. Front row (adults): Benjamin Franklin Chandler, Ruby Dukes Chandler, Martha Ezell Chandler Matthews. None of the children were identified.

The photo of the William Solomon Chandler family at right was taken in October or November of 1939, possibly in Tifton, Georgia. Solomon was born May 13, 1875, in Carroll County, Georgia, and died May 6, 1940. He married Sarah Ann Elizabeth Serene Susan "Sallie" McGee (1880-1929).

The photograph at left of the daughters of William Solomon Chandler is believed to have been taken sometime in the 1950's in Miami, Florida. Seated:  Ezelle Chandler Mixon. Standing, from left:  Stella Chandler Stringer, Mary Chandler Ellis, Minnie Chandler Watson, Thelma Chandler Kilcoyne. Ezelle was first married to a Mr. Matthews and second to a Mr. Corbin, Mary was first married to a Mr. Damren, and Thelma was previously married to a Mr. Passmore.

William Solomon Chandler is the son of Hiram Bennett Chandler (born 5 May 1831 in Franklin County, Georgia; died 11 March 1900) and his wife Frances M. Holloway (born 11 March 1836, Campbell County, Georgia). He is the grandson of Ambrose Chandler (born 1805, North Carolina; died 9 April 1868, Carroll County, Georgia) and Jerusha White (born 1805, Georgia; died 1894, Haralson County, Georgia).

These photos were submitted by CFA members Charles and Vicki Chandler Watson, a married couple who are both Chandler descendants. Vicki is a descendant of William Chandler of Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire, England. Charles is a grandson of William Solomon Chandler and the son of Minnie Frances Chandler Watson (April 15, 1923 - December 15, 2006, photo at right).

Charles and Vicki Chandler Watson

November 12, 2010
Updated January 23, 2010

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