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The Chandler Family  Association

Donate to the CFA

A 501(c)(3) U.S. Internal Revenue Service tax exempt organization

If you are interested in making a monetary gift to advance the work of the Chandler Family Association, there are several ways you can contribute:

Questions? Contact Helen at Helen Chandler at Chandler Family Association dot org

(Also see Memorial Gifts)

Donations September 2017 - August 2019

T. J. Aldridge
Donald Ames
Jamie Bolane
Claudia Chandler Brocato
Bob Campbell
Alan Chandler
Andrew W. "Andy" Chandler
B. Glenn Chandler
Clark T. Chandler
Doyce Chandler
Edward "Skip" Chandler
John Richard Chandler
L. Wayne Chandler
Vern T. Chandler
Marian Davis
Doris Messner
Maretta Wulfjen

Donate to support Chandler Family Association research

Make a donation to support Chandler Family Association research

You can make a donation by using the PayPal button at right, or you can mail your gift to:

Helen Chandler
The Chandler Family Association
2795 Kirby Whitten Road #151 Bartlett, TN 38134 USA


You can adjust the amount of your gift by changing the quantity after you click "Add to Cart." For instance, a $100 gift can be multiplied into a $200 gift by putting 2 in the “Quantity” box and then clicking “Update.”

Your gift will be used to support the CFA's research and help speed the pace of our discoveries. All donations will be gratefully received and carefully used. The CFA is a 501(c)(3) U.S. Internal Revenue Service tax exempt organization.

Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can use your credit card in a PayPal transaction.

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CFA granted 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt status
We are pleased to announce that on September 2, 2017, the Chandler Family Association was granted tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the United States Internal Revenue Service. This means that CFA is not required to pay federal taxes and also that charitable contributions to CFA may be tax deductible depending upon the donor’s tax situation. Donors should consult their tax advisors regarding their particular circumstances. Our organization was granted this special tax status because of the educational benefits it provides to the community.

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The Chandler Family Association
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