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The Chandler Family  Association


Genealogy is at the heart of the mission of the Chandler Family Association, so this part of our website is designed to be as helpful as possible to members and friends who use it. The pages in this section contain the result of years of research by members of the Chandler Family Association. You will also find information about the history of the Chandler surname, the histories of many genetically distinct Chandler families, and our efforts to connect with Chandlers in the UK (ancestral home of almost all Chandlers), as well as ordering details for our publications.

Within the past few years, DNA test results have provided a new dimension to genealogy research. The results of DNA tests cannot answer all our questions or complete our family trees, but they do help confirm or disprove paper genealogy trails. DNA results can also help genealogists focus their research within the right geographical area or the correct family group. The Chandler DNA Project, started in May 2004, has more than 300 participants. By February 2012 the Project had identified 69 genetically distinct families. You can read about these families, starting at the Genetic Chandler Families page on this website.
In 2013 the CFA membership voted to allow the establishment of chapters within the association so that genetic Chandler families could focus on research of their own genetic Chandler ancestry. Visit the Chapters page.

The CFA Genealogy Panel, organized in late 2009, is a group of volunteers who have expressed a desire to help other Chandler researchers. If you would like to work with the Genealogy Panel to solve your Chandler line mysteries, visit the Genealogy Panel page for more information. We also offer you the opportunity to post a query asking for help with your Chandler research roadblock. Queries are stored indefinitely on our website, so even if you don't receive immediate help, your query may get a response from a future reader.

CFA members can have their own Chandler line added to our Members/Lineage pages, opening the possibility of contact from those with a similar lineage.

We've also included several pages of links to fascinating genealogy and Chandler-related internet sites.

The Chandler Family Association
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The Chandler Family Association
Updated May 8, 2014

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