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General Interest

A Biography of America

An Outline of American History

The sites linked from this page are provided for assistance with your research or for your enjoyment. The CFA makes no representation as to the accuracy of any information provided.

American Air Museum in Britain
An interactive archive of images and information
The American Air Museum website is dedicated to recording the stories of the men and women of the US Army Air Forces (USAAF) who found themselves serving their country from the UK during the Second World War. At its peak strength in 1944, the USAAF employed 450,000 Americans in Britain. Most of us will immediately think of fighter pilots or bomber crews, but the majority of USAAF’s men and women were engaged on a much wider range of tasks, all of which were necessary to keep the aircraft flying. Nearly 30,000 never made it home. The site, which has just been launched by the Imperial War Museum, needs help to tell the stories, both of the members of the USAAF who served in the UK during the Second World War and of the memories of British people who befriended them.

British History

  • British History @
  • British History - Great Britain UK Information Guide
  • British History Online - University of London & History of Parliament Trust
  • Encyclopaedia of British History: 1500-1980
  • The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London, 1674 to 1834 - A fully searchable online edition of the largest body of texts detailing the lives of non-elite people ever published, containing accounts of over 100,000 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court

    Deciphering Old Handwriting

    Examples of 17th Century Handwriting from Letters Found in Parish Registers @

    History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy - provides general information and how to begin your research @

    The page above has links to many external sites. We have not checked them all. You should always exercise caution when browsing the internet.

    Family History for Beginners - a guide to basic research principles at the Family Search wiki - searchable by keyword as well as specific dates, includes "Today in History," "Historical Events," "Famous Birthdays," "Weddings," and Famous Deaths"

    National Archives - The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

    Taking Care of Your Personal Archives - originally published on the The Smithsonian Archives' blog.

    Young Chandler Descendants - this page on our website is intended to provide information and help to younger genealogists but could be helpful to any beginning researcher.

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    1940 Census (INDEXED) - offered free by

    NOTE for non-members of After you complete the search boxes and begin searching, you will be asked to establish a free account that will allow you to search Ancestry for free content - "View Free Records with a Free Account." Whether you choose to establish this free account is up to you, but you will not be able to continue with your search unless you comply.

    1940 United States Census (NOT INDEXED) - from United States National Archives

    Bureau of Land Management General Land Office Records - "access to more than two million Federal land title records for Eastern Public Land States issued between 1820 and 1908"

    Cindi's List - A genealogical research portal

    Civil War Sailors & Soldiers System - a searchable National Park Service database of soldiers and sailors, with 2,300 Chandler soldiers included

    Confederate Pension Records - Not searchable but does provide contact information

    DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) - a free resource provided by the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

    Documenting the American South - texts, images, and audio files related to southern history, literature, and culture

    Early History of Middle Tennessee by Edward Albright, published 1909 - available as a free download from Google Book Search

    Ellis Island Database - search passenger arrival records

    Ellis Island - Significance, history, genealogy links - (link submitted by students at W.B. Goodwin Community Center)

    Family History Archive - The Lee Library at Brigham Young University

    The Family History Archive is a collection of published genealogy and family history books. The archive includes histories of families, county and local histories, how-to books on genealogy, genealogy magazines and periodicals (including some international), medieval books (including histories and pedigrees), and gazetteers.

    Family Lineage Societies

    • Banks Family Association
      According to the BFA website, Thomas Banks (1709-1789) married three times. The first two were Sarah "Sallie" and then Elizabeth "Betty" Chandler, daughters of Timothy Chandler (1685-1757).
    • Graves Family Association
      Numerous mentions of the Chandler name can be found by searching this site.

    Family Search - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

    Find A Grave

  • Find A Grave's primary purpose is a graves registration website.
  • Find A Grave's secondary purpose is a memorialization/ remembrance site.
  • Find A Grave's tertiary purpose is a genealogical resource.
  • Genealogy Book Links - Online books, site is searchable by name or geographic location

    Genealogy Trails - This site is organized geographically

    GENUKI - UK and Ireland Genealogy

    Historical Newspapers at Library of Congress - Search America's historic newspapers pages from 1836-1922

    Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970

    Lupo Family - History, genealogy and music of the Lupo Family

    Albiano Lupo, the first husband of John Chandler's (born 1600) wife Elizabeth, was a member of a famous musical family whose patriarch arrived in England from Venice, Italy, in 1540. They were apparently Sephardic Jews of Spanish or Portuguese lineage. Albiano Lupo, possibly a non-musical member of the family, arrived in Jamestown with the second wave of colonists in 1610. Albiano was a shareholder in the Virginia Company and was among the first settlers of Kecoughton, later known as Elizabeth City County, one of the earliest colonies in Virginia after Jamestown. Following his arrival, Albiano was given the office of Lieutenent. Albiano died in Virginia in 1626. Source: - a genealogy search engine (Note: The free search function on this is very broad; upgrade costs $779 per year.)

    " is a genealogy search engine that is available to you at no charge. It searches hundreds of thousands of genealogy web sites, looking for the words that you specify. Web sites searched include thousands of genealogy message boards, society web pages, genealogy pages uploaded by individuals, state historical societies, family societies, Find-A-Grave, the Internet Archive (mostly scanned genealogy books from the Allen County Public Library), the Library of Congress, several sites containing scanned images of old photographs, and tens of thousands of distinct sites sites that contain various transcribed records of genealogical interest. Unlike other search engines, limits its searches solely to genealogy sites." -- Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, March 15, 2011

    My Genealogy Hound - A free site to view thousands of family biographies from early and rare history and genealogy references.

    Papers of the War Department 1784-1800 - 55,000 documents believed lost forever in an 1800 fire have been retrieved from repositories around the country and reconstituted into a fully-searchable database.

    Place Names - "a great site to look up obscure places"

    Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters

    Surname Distribution Genealogy Search Engines - Locate areas where ancestors may have lived in selected years.

    Treasure Maps Genealogy - Genealogy and Family Tree How-to Help

    The U.S. GenWeb Project - Keeping Internet Genealogy Free

    USCIS Genealogy Program - U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services.

    The USCIS Genealogy Program is a fee-for-service program providing family historians and other researchers with timely access to historical immigration and naturalization records.

    Vital Records Chart - A break-down of the years statewide vital-record-keeping officially began in each US state, on the Family Tree Magazine website

    Where to Write for Vital Records - Presented by the Center for Disease Control

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