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Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler (1898-1991)

  • 2nd Commissioner of Baseball
  • National Baseball Hall of Fame
  • United States Senator
  • Governor of Kentucky
  • Alfred Chandler (1804-1896) and the Chandler Camellias
    Camellia Chandlerii and Chandlerii Elegans
    Developed at Chandler's Nursery in Vauxhall, London, England, by Alfred Chandler.

    Albert Brown Chandler, U. S. Telegraph Service

    Chandler Center for the Arts in Randolph, Vermont, started life as Chandler Music Hall, a generous gift to his church by Albert Brown Chandler (above). Chandler Music Hall was converted to public ownership in 1947 but then stood idle for more than 20 years. In the 1970s restoration of the music hall began, and Chandler’s centennial in 2007 was the catalyst for major change. An ambitious $3.7 million renovation and expansion project transformed Chandler into a modern facility serving Central Vermont and the Upper Valley region with a year-round series of performances, art exhibits and educational opportunities. Read a history of Chandler Center for the Arts.

    Alfred duPont Chandler (1918-2007), business historian

    Alpheus Spring "Speed" Chandler (1903-1982), well known motorcycle and auto racer, stunt flyer and military pilot

    Andrew Chandler and Silas Chandler
    Mississippi: White and African-American Chandlers served side-by-side for Confederacy
    The story of the relationship between Andrew Chandler and Silas Chandler was included in an episode of the History Detectives television program. You can view the entire segment or download the transcript at the link above. The tintype of the two soldiers which sparked this investigation was seen on Antiques Roadshow in 2009, and that 4 minute segment can be viewed on the PBS website:

    Additional information about Andrew and Silas:
    New York Times -

    NEW! - The Secret History Of The Photo At The Center Of The Black Confederate Myth

    Arthur Bertram Chandler, author
    A. Bertram Chandler (1912-1984) was born in Aldershot, Hampshire, England. He was a merchant marine officer, sailing the world in everything from tramp steamers to troopships for 45 years. In 1956 he emigrated to Australia. Bertram published 40 science fiction novels and over 200 works of short fiction writing as A Bertram Chandler, George Whitley or Andrew Dunstan, winning numerous awards, especially in Australia and Japan.

    His books are still in print and even available as e-books. He is probably best known for the Rim Worlds series, a collection of stories situated on the far edge of the galaxy.

    Arthur's Bookshelf

    A Bertram Chandler (Wikipedia)

    Arthur Chandler, Anglican Bishop, South Africa
    Arthur Chandler (1860-1939) was the Anglican Bishop at Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa, from 1902 until 1920.
      Some Notable Events
    • 1902 – Bishop Arthur Chandler arrived in the Diocese.
    • 1904 – The first missionary conference was held in the Cathedral. St George’s Church Kroonstad was erected and consecrated.
    • 1905 – The many additions to the Cathedral were finished and the Central Stipend Fund was established.
    • 1906 – The second and existing church of St John the Baptist in Harrismith was consecrated by Bishop Chandler. The foundation stone had been laid earlier in the year by the Duke of Connaught.
    • 1908 – St Margaret’s Church was built.
    • 1912 – The Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman was established. It is also thought that the Mothers Union began in Bloemfontein during this year. 1914 – The Diocesan Synod held during this year allowed ladies to take part and to vote at Parish Vestry meetings.
    • 1916 – The St Andrews School was resurrected.

    • Source:
    St. Andrew’s was founded on 16 November 1863 as the Diocesan Grammar School, and was located in a building now known as the Old Raadsaal in St George’s Street, Bloemfontein. In 1874 the school was renamed St. Andrew’s School when it moved to new buildings on the corner of St George’s Street and Church Street. In March 1899 new buildings were built for the school; these were however only occupied for a few months before being requisitioned by the British Army during the South African War and the school closed. Bishop Arthur Chandler worked for a number of years to reinstate the school, and the school reopened in January 1916 on its present site on General Dan Pienaar Drive. One of the school dormitories is Chandler House, named in honor of Bishop Chandler.

    Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

    Bob Chandler, BIGFOOT Founder and CEO
    Bob Chandler, titan of the American Monster Truck industry, is, according to the BIGFOOT website, "the only motorsport icon to 'invent' his own sport!"
    BIGFOOT - the Original Monster TruckBob Chandler's biography

    Bob Sanders, Radio Personality and Author (April 14, 1931 and - January 11, 2018)
    Bob was the son of Edna Boman Sanders, featured in our Autumn 2012 CFA Newsletter at the age of 105. He retired in May 2016 after 61 years of entertaining listeners with his storytelling and music from 5:30 to 10 a.m. on WAUD Auburn 1230. Read more at Opelika-Auburn News.
    Edna's lineage: John Chandler b 1600 ENG > Robert Chan-dler b c 1629 VA > Robert Chandler b 1654 VA > Joseph Chandler b 1695 VA > Joseph Chandler b 1739 VA > James Chandler b 1761 NC > Allen Chandler b 1787 NC > Martin Anthony Chandler b abt 1821 GA > Mary Frances Chandler b 1845 GA > Thaddeus Augustus “T.A” “Bud” Boman b 1868 AL > Edna Earle Boman b 1907 AL

    The following links are audio only and include stories of his growing up years.

    Steve Grauberger interviews storyteller, writer, and 50-year veteran radio personality Bob Sanders of Auburn’s WAUD about his publication Friends, Family and Frontier Country: Growing Up in West Alabama. (
    To see a collection of Bob Sanders' newspaper columns, go to: His columns are short, and he wrote frequently about family and memories

    Asa Crawford Chandler (1891-1958), biologist

    Chandler Family of Prairie, Mississippi

    Chandler House - Accomack County, VA
  • House photos
  • More information - "The Chandler or Drummond Place"
  • Chandler Plantation, home of Thomas and Mary Chandler, was location of death of General Stonewall Jackson

    Chandler Politicians listed at

    Chandler, Texas

    Originally called Stillwater, the town name was changed to Chandler after Alfonso Chandler who owned most of the property in the area and worked to bring the railroad through.
    --Ann Hall, Mayor of Chandler, Texas (in email to Thom Chandler)

    "The first record of a white family in the Chandler area is that of Alphonso H. Chandler and his wife, the former Mary A. Brooks and their seven children. They came to the area in 1859 and settled about one mile north of the present day downtown Chandler."
    --History of Chandler, Chandler, Texas, website

    Alphonso H. Chandler's lineage: John Chandler b 1600 ENG > Robert Chandler b abt 1629 VA > Robert Chandler b 1654 VA > Joseph Chandler b 1695 VA > John Chandler b 1726 > John Chandler b 1759 VA > Zachariah Chandler b 1780 NC
    --CFA Lineages Database (CFALD)

    Chandlers of Chandlers Cove, North Carolina

    Della "Dellie" Chandler Norton (1898-1993) - Appalachian Folk Singer
    See stories about Dellie Chandler and her brother Lloyd on the Madison County, NC, website. There are also links on the page that will allow you to listen to Dellie sing her old ballads and love songs.

    Dellie Chandler Norton was born in Madison County, North Carolina, in 1898. Dellie sang the old, unaccompanied ballads and love songs passed down from her family and other members of the community. Not only was she a singer, she was also a mentor to many in both her family and the wide community. Dellie was visited by scholars and music lovers and helped the younger generation learn and preserve the old ballads. In her later years, Dellie performed occasionally at festivals and in 1990 she was the recipient of a North Carolina Heritage Award. Dellie's brother Lloyd (1896-1978), an itinerant Freewill Baptist preacher and musician, is also mentioned on this page, along with later generations of musicians.

    The younger generations of the Chandlers of Chandlers Cove are still performing. Dellie's relative Sheila Kay Adams is a famous storyteller and performer, and Karen Sue Chandler Vilcinskas is also very active in keeping the mountain music alive. Read an article on the NPR website about the oral traditions that kept the mountain ballards alive.

    Dellie's father was Martin Chandler b1872 NC, and her grandfather was Ezekiel Chandler b1830 NC. This family belongs to Genetic Chandler Family Group 7A.

    Thanks to CFA member Kirk Chandler for the information on the Chandlers of Chandler Cove. Kirk says he wishes we could all experience a concert at The Church of the Little Flower in Chandler's Cove.

    Charles Frederick Chandler, public health pioneer
    Charles F. Chandler (1836–1925) was a pioneer in public health. His work with New York City’s Metropolitan Board of Health between 1867 and 1883 provided a model for health and environmental laws and regulatory agencies nationwide by monitoring food and drugs, providing free vaccinations, ensuring the safety of milk supplies, bringing clean water into the city, and enacting building codes with adequate provisions for indoor plumbing.

    Although Charles was preeminent as a sanitarian, he became equally famous as a consulting industrial chemist, a lucrative complement to his academic income.

    Chandler was also a genius at organizing the American chemical community. Charles was a prime mover in founding the American Chemical Society in 1876 and its Journal of the American Chemical Society. He served as president of the ACS in 1881 and 1889. He was elected the second chairman of the New York (later American) Section of the Society of Chemical Industry and was the first American to be chosen president of the London-based parent society (1899–1900).

    His younger brother William became a prominent figure in American chemistry as well.


    A Biographical Memoir of Charles Charles Frederick Chandler

    [Excerpt from "Biographical Memoir"] - His father, Charles Chandler, owned a dry-goods store in New Bedford, Massachusetts, which provided a modest living for the family. Their home was located at the corner of Third and Bush Streets, and there Charles passed his early life, in company with his sisters, Catherine and Mary, and his brother, William H., later Professor of Chemistry and President of Lehigh University.

    Charles F. Chandler (Wikipedia)

    Charles Henry Chandler and Elwyn Francis Chandler, father and son -

    Charles Henry Chandler - professor, historian and author, father of Elwyn Francis Chandler, hydraulic and civil engineer (below).

    After retirement as a college professor, Charles Henry Chandler began writing The History of New Ipswich New Hampshire 1735-1914 with Genealogical Records of the Principal Families. Charles had almost finished the history at the time of his death; his son, Elwyn F. Chandler, completed the job and also authored other historical documents.

    Elwyn Francis Chandler - hydraulic and civil engineer, teacher and author, son of Charles Henry Chandler, professor and historian (above)

    Edmund Chandler born 1588 England - see DNA Group 13

    Edna Chandler Walker (1908-1982) - author

    Elizabeth Chandler (1807-1834) - poet, writer and aboltionist

    Ernest Vivian Chandler, World Amateur Heavyweight Boxing Champion

    Eva Carrington (1888-1979), British actress and model
    Eva Carrington was the stage name of Evelyn Victoria Anne Chandler, born in Holborn, London, England to Walter Robert Carrington (aka Chandler) and Louisa Carrington. Eva's sister Gladys Winifred Carrington was also an actress. "Although her father's birth name was Chandler, by the time of the 1891 census the family was using the name 'Carrington'." --

    Eva was a model for the artist James Whistler between 1898 and 1902, posing for a number of Whistler's paintings and drawings. --

    Fehmer "Chick" Chandler, Actor and Vaudevillian (1905-1988)

    If you are old enough, Chick Chandler will probably look familiar to you from his numerous movie, television, and stage appearances in a long career. Search Brian's Drive In Theatre for a photo of Chick Chandler. Your webmaster spotted Chick Chandler in the credits of an old Gene Autry television show episode.

    Florence Clyde Chandler, plant geneticist

    Florence Clyde Chandler (1901-1984) was a plant geneticist with a broad background in tree-breeding and the induction of polyploidy (the quality of having one or more extra sets of chromosomes) in flowering plants. Source: Encyclopedia of Arkansas

    Florence's Chandler line: John Chandler b 1600 ENG > Robert Chandler b c 1629 VA > Robert Chandler b 1654 VA >Joell Chandler b 1683 VA > Robert Chandler b 1720 VA > Bailey Chandler b 1751 VA > Abraham Chandler b 1780 SC > Samuel Graves Lafayette Chandler b 1830 GA > William Festus Chandler b1872 AR > Florence Clyde Chandler b1902 AR*

    Gene Chandler, recording artist (real name Eugene Dixon)

    Duke of Earl - Gene Chandler (born Eugene Dixon, July 6, 1937, Chicago, Illinois) is best known for his million-selling hits Duke of Earl and Groovy Situation. He had more than 30 chart hits and won numerous awards during his career.

    George Chandler, Judge
  • Rootsweb biography
  • Wikipedia article about Chandler, OK (named for Judge Chandler)
  • George Chandler was born at Hermitage, Wyoming County, NY, on September 20, 1842. He was an attorney, Federal Judge, First Assistant Secretary of the Interior during the administration of President Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893), member of Congress, and Commissioner of General Land Office in Washington, D.C.

    George W. Chandler (1832-1883) of Caswell County, NC - Last Will and Testament

    Harry Chandler (1864-1944)
    Inventing L.A. - The Chandlers and Their Times - TV documentary, DVD, book

    Inventing L.A.: The Chandlers and Their Times is the tale of the Chandlers’ reign over Los Angeles with the help of their mighty scepter, the Times, and their entwinement with politics, family feud, and fortune. This is truly the story of the building of one of the most famous, populated, and culturally rich cities in the world. -

    Harry Chandler built the iconic Hollywood sign in 1923 as an epic $21,000 billboard for his upscale Hollywoodland real estate development -

    Read more about this family and their immigrant ancestor William born 1595 in England elsewhere on this page.

    Helen Chandler, Actress (1906-1965)
    Helen Chandler was successful on Broadway before making her way to Hollywood. She is probably best remembered in her movie role as Mina Seward opposite Bela Lugosi in the 1931 version of Dracula. She was born in Charleston,South Carolina. Below are links to sites with photographs and biographical information.

    Israel Chandler (born March 25, 1770) and Lydia Gilbert Chandler (born August 9, 1775) Family Bible - Newberry County Family Bible Records, South Carolina Genealogy Trails

    Jeff Chandler, Movie Star - not really a Chandler at all!

    Joel Chandler Harris (1845-1908) - creator of Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit
    Joel Chandler Harris - 2001 Eatonton Literary Festival & Book Fair
    Joel Chandler Harris Biography - American Studies, University of Virginia
    Wren's Nest - Joel Chandler Harris family home, now a museum

    Joel Chandler Harris' Chandler Lineage: JRR Joell> David Chandler> Tabitha S. Chandler Turman> Ann Mary Turman Harris> Mary Ann Harris> Joel Chandler Harris*

    Sir John Beals "J. B." Chandler (1887–1962), Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Australia 1940-1952, businessman, radio entrepreneur and politician

  • List of Mayors and Lord Mayors of Brisbane
  • Biography of Sir John Beals Chandler

    John Chandler b 1600 England (immigrant ancestor of Chandler DNA Group 7A)

  • John Chandler biography on this web site
  • Jon Chandler - Colorado musician, performer, story teller, author, song writer

    Joseph Goodhue Chandler (1813-1884), American artist

    Kyle Chandler, American Actor, Producer, Director

    Kyle Chandler played Joe, one of two brothers (whose characters coincidentally are named Chandler) who are the main characters in the film, "Manchester by the Sea," released in 2016. The part of the second Chandler brother was played by Casey Affleck. The film was chosen by American Film Institute and National Board of Review as one of the top ten films of 2016 (Wikipedia).Other credits include "Friday Night Lights," a popular TV show that was on the air 2006-2011, and "Bloodline," aired 2015-current (as of 2017). Visit the pages below to learn more about Kyle's career and his Chandler ancestry.

    Kyle Chandler's ancestry: CFA Vice President Carol May found the link below. She wrote: If this web site is accurate, Kyle Chandler descends from Canadian Chandlers!  I did a little looking at Familysearch and it appears that his grandfather, Harold J. Chandler, was born in Canada in 1895. It appears that Harold's father, Edmond, was also from Canada. Were they of American Loyalist ancestry or English? I don't know, but I suspect English. (The information on this site was not confirmed by the CFA but was used as a starting point for online research as stated above.)

    Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

    Les Chandler - Australian WWI veteran captured unconventional images of life in the trenches

    Quotation from the website:
    Cameras were banned on the Western Front during World War I, but that didn't stop Les Chandler from furtively photographing life in the trenches.

    Not that he took much interest in the death and destruction all around him, for the corporal was more interested in life.

    Not just as a medical orderly, intent on saving human life, but as a naturalist obsessed with wildlife. Even on the shell-torn fields of France.

    Les' photographs have been featured on an Australian television show called Landline and in an exhibition at Magnet Gallery in Melbourne.

    Louise Chandler Moulton (1835-1908), Poet

    Chandler awarded British Empire Medal
    Lucy Chandler of Daybrook, Nottinghamshire, England, has been awarded the BEM (British Empire Medal) for service to her community. The 36-year-old Forestry Commission community ranger works in communities across North Nottinghamshire helping people enjoy their local woodlands while maintaining and improving them.

    The BEM was awarded to Ranger Chandler as part of the Queen's Birthday Honours. Honours have been awarded on the sovereign's birthday since at least 1885, during the reign of Queen Victoria. In total, 1,149 people received an award in 2016. Seventy percent of the recipients are people who have undertaken outstanding work in their communities either in a voluntary or paid capacity. There are 538 successful women candidates in the list, representing 47% of the total.

    Margaret Chandler (1929 - 1997) - Member of the Ottawa Little River Band, Native American Rights Activist

    Marty Chandler, Goodyear Blimp pilot
    Fly the Goodyear blimp (with Marty Chandler)
    Blimp pilots get into the games, too (See "Getting into the game" subheading)

    N. A. Chandler's Letters from the California Gold Rush

    A collection of letters written home by Newton Amos Chandler (1818?-1880) provides a unique glimpse into the life of a prospector in California and Nevada during the Gold Rush years. The letters are available from Claremont Colleges Digital Library. Carol May, Research Director of CFA Chapter 13 Edmund Chandler Descendants, helped with some of the research on N. A. Chandler.

    Pat Buttram (1915-1994) - Maxwell Emmett "Pat" Buttram performed in over 40 movies and was a long-time regular on the Gene Autry Show on television and later on Green Acres. He also performed as a voice-over actor in many Walt Disney movies.

    Chandler lineage of TV and movie star Maxwell Emmett "Pat" Buttram -- Isaac Chandler (b. 1783 NC, d. 1854 Chattooga County, GA) > Tyre Chandler (b. abt. 1813 SC, d. 1894 Springville, St. Clair County, AL) > Mahala Minerva Chandler (b. 1844 Calhoun County, AL, d. 1889 Springville, St. Clair County, AL) > Wilson McDaniel Buttram (b. 1876 Springville, St. Clair County, AL, d. 1963 Bessemer, Jefferson County, AL) > Maxwell Emmett "Pat" Buttram -- Lineage submitted by Pat Buttram's 2nd cousin once removed, Jon Paul Chandler

    Raymond Chandler (1888-1959) - author of mystery fiction

    A blogger's photo expedition to Raymond Chandler's house in La Jolla, California

    Robert S. "Bob" Chandler (1936-2010), career National Park Service employee

    Posts held by Bob Chandler in his career with the National Park Service included Superintendent, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (California); Assistant to the Director, Denver Field Office (Colorado); Superintendent, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial National Historic Site (Missouri); Superintendent, Everglades National Park (Florida); and Superintendent, Olympic National Park (Washington). Source:

    Bob Chandler was a descendant of Carter Chandler born c 1788, Genetic Chandler Family 75.

    See a tribute page for Bob Chandler

    Sarah Ann Chandler's Log Book

    Sarah Ann Chandler was a midwife and delivered 368 babies in Lauderdale County, Alabama. The page above is a transcription from a notarized copy of the original log book which has been misplaced.

    Seth Carlo Chandler, Jr. (1846-1913) - discovered "the Chandler wobble," a variation in the earth's axis of rotation.

    What Is The Chandler Wobble?

    Spurgeon Ferdinand "Spud" Chandler (1907-1990) - pitcher for the New York Yankees

    Spud Chandler's lineage: JRR Joseph> John Chandler> Joseph Chandler> Sterling Chandler> Dudley Jones Chandler> Neal Chandler> Leonard Ferdinand "Bud" Chandler> Spurgeon Ferdinand "Spud" Chandler*

    Theodore Edson Chandler (1894-1945) - Rear Admiral, United States Navy, WWII

    The USS Chandler was named for Rear Admiral Chandler, grandson of William Eaton Chandler.

    Theophilus Parsons Chandler (1845-1928), architect

    Thomas Chandler, Master Potter
  • Trapp and Chandler Pottery Site, Greenwood County, SC (National Register)
  • Example of Thomas Chandler's work at The Smithsonian (about halfway down the page, immediately under "South")
  • Photo of a jug by Thomas Chandler stamped "Chandler Maker" on South Carolina Information Highway

    Thomas Chandler, one of two highly skilled turners who worked at the Pheonix Pottery in the Edgefield District S.C., was the area's first potter. He made tall, ovoid jars sometimes with a light yellow-green underfired glaze. His jars had a rolled rim and four slab handles attached high up on the shoulder. Between the handles, one often finds a loop and flower arrangement brushed on (painted) with a brown to black iron-based slip (Phoenix was the first Edgefield factory where slip decoration was widely used). At Trapp-Chandler Pottery, his glazes were in shades of brown. - East Carolina University website:

    Thomas Alberter "Bert" Chandler (1871-1953) - Cherokee Indian, Oklahoma politican
  • Biographical Directory of the United States Congress
  • Oklahoma Historical Society's Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture
  • Access Genealogy
  • Thomas Alberter Chandler, courtesy of Library of CongressThomas Alberter "Bert" Chandler was born in Oklahoma July 26, 1871, the eldest son of Burges G. Chandler, a Tennessean, and Annie Gunter Chandler, a Cherokee. He married Marie Louise Wainwright in 1894. He was a lawyer and also an oil producer, a farmer and in the real estate business. He was appointed a Cherokee revenue collector in 1891; Cherokee town-site commissioner 1895-1898; United States deputy clerk of the court for the northern district of Indian Territory 1900-1907. He served as a delegate to the Repubican National Convention from Oklahoma and served as a U. S. Representative from Oklahoma's 1st District 1917-19 and 1921-23. Sources: see above links. History of the Cherokee Indians and their legends and folk lore by Emmet Starr, accessed at, gives his parents' names as Burgess Gaither and Annie Eliza Gunter Chandler. Photo courtesy of Library of Congress.

    Thomas Bradbury Chandler
    Sketch of the life of the Rev. Thomas Bradbury Chandler, D.D., Rector of St. John's Church, Elizabethtown, New Jersey, 1751-1790 - This 1873 14-page book is available for reading online at

  • Timothy Chandler (1685-1757) @ Banks Family Association
    According to the Banks Family Association website, Thomas Banks (1709-1789) married three times. His first wife was Sarah "Sallie" Chandler and, after her death, he married her sister, Elizabeth "Betty" Chandler. Sallie and Betty were daughters of Timothy Chandler (1685-1757), great-grandson of John Chandler born 1600.

    Tom Chandler - poet laureate of Rhode Island emeritus

    Tom has been named Phi Beta Kappa Poet at Brown University and has been a featured poet at the Robert Frost homestead and the Library of Congress. His poems have been read by Garrison Keillor on National Public Radio on several occasions. He is the founder and editor of the Bryant Literary Review. Tom belongs to the John Chandler > Robert Chandler > Robert Chandler > Joell Chandler > Joel Chandler > John B. Chandler > Washington Chandler line.

    Travers Chandler, Bluegrass Musician - A native of Richmond, Virginia, Travers tours with Avery County, a group that walks the tight rope between traditional bluegrass and the acoustic music scene.
    Travers Chandler and Avery County website

    USS Chandler - named in honor of Rear Admiral Theodore Chandler, USN, who died as a result of wounds received in combat aboard his flagship USS LOUISVILLE (CA 28) on 6 January 1945.

    Van Cliburn
    Biography of Van Cliburn - The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
    The Era of Van Cliburn - Azerbaijan International

    Van Cliburn's Chandler lineage: JRR Joseph> James Chandler> Lewis Chandler> Rev. Pleasant Barnett Chandler> Sarah Anne Chandler O'Bryan> William Carey O’Bryan> Sirildia Bee O’Bryan Cliburn> Van Cliburn*

    William Addison Chandler (b 1820 Georgia, d 1861 Texas) - William A. Chandler is featured in "Footprints of Fayette," historical and biographical articles written by members of the Fayette County, Texas, Historical Commission. The stories first appeared as a weekly column, "Footprints of Fayette," published in local newspapers:

    William Addison Chandler's lineage: John Chandler b 1600 ENG > Robert Chandler b c 1629 VA > Robert Chandler b 1654 VA > Joseph Chandler b 1695 VA > Joseph Chandler b 1739 VA > James M Chandler b 1761 NC > Lewis Chandler b 1789 GA*

    William Chandler born 1595 Hertfordshire England - known familiarly among Chandler researchers as "the William and Annis line" (Chandler DNA Project Group 9):
    The William Chandler page on is a good starting point for exploring the Chandler information on this site. Click on the Surname Index tab to see all the Chandlers, or click on the Photos and Documents tab to see many Chandler photographs. The family detailed here includes the Chandlers who owned the Los Angeles Times - visit a different website with more information about this family.

    William Eaton Chandler (1835-1917) - Lawyer, Judge Advocate General of the Navy Department and later First Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Abraham Lincoln, United States Secretary of the Navy under President Chester A. Arthur, U.S. Senator from New Hampshire, president of the Spanish Treaty Claims Commission under President William McKinley from 1901-1907.

    William Eaton Chandler was born in Concord, New Hampshire, to Nathan S. Chandler and Mary Ann (Tucker) Chandler. William's elder brother, John Chandler, was a successful East India merchant. Younger brother George Chandler was an attorney who served as a major during the Civil War. In 1859 Chandler married Ann Gilmore, the daughter of New Hampshire Governor Joseph A. Gilmore. In 1874, after his first wife's death, Chandler married Lucy Lambert Hale, daughter of New Hampshire Senator John Parker Hale, who had been secretly betrothed in 1865 to John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln's assassin. In March 1885 their only son, John Parker Hall Chandler, was born. William and Lucy's grandson Theodore Edson Chandler (1894–1945) was a rear admiral in the United States Navy during World War II who commanded battleship and cruiser divisions in both the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets. He was killed in action when Japanese kamikaze aircraft struck his flagship. Sources: Biographical Directory of the United States Congress and

    William Henry Chandler (1878-1970) - Horticulturalist, author, professor of Pomology
    (Pomology is the study of the cultivation, production, harvest, and storage of fruit.)

    William Henry Chandler (1854-1928), "America's Foremost Pastel Artist"

    William R. Chandler - Burritt on the Mountain, a historic park near Huntsville, Alabama, features a rebuilt dogtrot home that originally belonged to William R. Chandler, an early settler in the area.

    Winthrop Chandler (1747-1790), American artist

    Woodley Williamson Chandler, (1800-1854) - Virginian by birth, Chautauqua County NY resident/politician

    Zacariah T. Chandler, Secretary of the Interior
  • The Architect of the Capitol
  • Biographical Dictionary of the United States Congress
  • Zachariah T. Chandler was born in Bedford, New Hampshire, on December 10, 1813. Following his formal education, Chandler settled in Detroit, opened a successful general store, and soon became quite wealthy. He eventually became the undisputed leader of the Republican Party in Michigan and was elected to the United States Senate in 1857. Chandler was appointed secretary of the interior by President Grant. He was reelected to the United States Senate in 1879, but he died soon thereafter on November 1, 1879.

    *as shown in the Chandler Family Association Lineages Database (CFALD). CFALD is at best a secondary source of information. You should always follow good genealogical practice, which requires that any information from a non-primary source (the original record) should only be used as a pointer, forming the basis for doing your own research, consulting original records. This is especially important considering that much of the information in CFALD imported from the John Chandler Descendant Chart book and other sources lacks adequate source citation. Adding documentation and additional details for the existing individuals listed in CFALD will be an ongoing project for the CFA, and we invite your participation.

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